Flow of time

The more a man into 30 women almo nature, the feeling is wonderful after middle age, elusive, and filled with some ambiguous meaning, especially in Vietnam in terms of such a woman. Although her appearance often reminiscent of some crystal clear, and betting, less ethereal. Use the words to describe her physical sense characters may not be the most appropriate way, but it happened, the more the sense that gives a person is linked with some bright and clean food, such as Japanese sushi rice balls, or paella.

In an autumn afternoon, she walked at a Manhattan Roosevelt island of the cherry blossom avenue, feet with falling characteristic and yellow leaves of autumn, the north is prosperous and crowded skyscrapers of Manhattan, river and the south has a noisy Cornell construction engineering. Her at the moment, however, these are enough to depression state of mind, because - sunshine is so good, finely ground by the cherry trees branches were extended to the sky, pour a bit of her eyes; Because the head of the lavender weaving flower hat is so appropriate, will be a organ of her hair elegant gathering in his own umbrella; Because there is no reason to Carpet Cleaning Hong Kong, she can't think of any unpleasant memories, and his long immersed in the peace of the stranger, joy and enrichment. No origin, her mouth, blunt also immersed in this autumn landscape around the crowd smile, squinting at times to the right hand side of New York's east river and sailing an joy glance. Although she lived in the Roosevelt island, the scenery here and familiarity in mind, she will try unearthed here different from time to time. Her, was still too small property - this is ray's evaluation.

Yesterday and ray in brooklyn's harbour city lunch to her aftertaste, although also be sunshine, sea wind, fairy tale situation of streets and buildings, but travelled before and after all don't feel like a variety of landscape, make her beloved. I do not know why, she always feel that time is full of landmark meaning. That moment, but is the Chinese cafeteria in the ring with light music, atmosphere of finely whispers in a waiter, she took their favorite Alaska crab legs, where eating slowly, while waiting to stop for ray. Very few guests around. And then the theme song of the piano music is blue love Korean dramas, they speak and remarkable, the long melody flows at an extremely slow pace - some, some the feeling of the love story of the eternal, some more in the years before had body now and recovery of certain emotions. Sunshine from writing down between panes restoring ancient ways, the bat next eyelash, as if the sun the breeze made her eyelids itch. At this time, just right, such a scenario, such as hearing business center, taste, smell, mixed together, formed peculiar in terms of increasing signs of a sense -- -- -- -- -- - a melancholy arises spontaneously. The in the mind to read the departure stop ray, guess he arrival time, imagined that he would face all kinds of situation, will not come back? She often have such speculation recently, at the moment she had a migraine headache did not visit, but no matter how, this idea is bad, and began to make her nervous, she began to feel my temples began tightening, pulse knock some vaguely against her feeling. She started to look back from time to time pay attention to inlet, and her right out of the window, if there is a ray trace, and start thinking about whether to make a phone call to him. The phone in her right hand side of the bag.

Is when to begin to have this kind of be swayed by considerations of gain and loss of feeling? Everything was a result of insecurity, the thought of. It's not so good, as psychological doctor told her, in the event has not happen ago to predict as far as possible the bad result is a kind of pessimism, recovery is bad for her health. She also clearly remember two months ago, he went to visit the doctor based on their experience and the share the full meaning of the triangular loop, thought, emotion, behavior of three elements: thought into a good place, the mood can be good, the next step of behavior can be positive, so bring the thought of will be better. So life is not the triangle cycle? Wry smile, "she said. Two years ago today, she will not think of illness recovery to delay so long, not to appreciate the struggle, suffering or filled with ambiguous, bleak, a shady gloomy mood, some do not experience card will not be able to realize rule of world-weariness. And fortunately, she has a ray, and the children. Although the daily chores, daily invariable discipline to her some breath, have been dragged away passive life, rather than to control the life along with the gender, she is still so hard to come over, or, to survive, so come, there are many among she cannot control events, give her life brought a lot of trouble, but in the end, she put it all to suffer silently, experience. You ask more than 30 years old are most in need of the most valuable? As the more so, are you sure you can't say it's career or job, because it is the trigger the source of her illness, she still clearly remember the days and nights sleep, thinking about the topic ideas do not match the actual results of pain. You might say it's family, children, the glance, may be partially true, family and children have become a part of the connected with her veins, is an integral whole, is her inherent embodiment of self-worth. Or in other words, was the only driving force to the survival of her. She is so support down, after all immersed in the heart of the thunder and the grateful emotion of the family.

Life is good after all, good is time flies, years flow, is experiencing a moving people or things. Today afternoon, the sunshine is so beautiful, outside the view of the harbour city is light, the more I think of you later with ray used up after a meal to go home, to translate the nature conservancy's manuscript out, at the same time to put the small treasure to go. The view is mind at the moment, love, is very beautiful, the mood is then become very cheerful and happy, is finally reached for the phone. Just to thunder dial a number, he saw his shadow in the door, she couldn't help smile, parking has stopped so long, finally came. At this time of the sun, wind, beautiful scenery and is naturally endowed with a kind of means, or a kind of artistic conception. Every tentacles of sensory system feeds to embrace this up moments of life. Yes, the joy of life lies in, but after experiencing ups and downs, and favorite people together, do the thing that oneself like, insipid and calm, let the time quietly climbed their appearance, lived.