Maybe as the years passed you

Enthusiastic character has changed. Middle-aged, like alone a person remember the past time, count each traveler in the ways of life. Once in the past, the trace of sweets and bitters are compounding. Early childhood naive, the youth's first love, the joy of motherhood, vividly, trance, yesterday may look as if we getting old overnight. Thinking of the past years, in the heart always inexplicable uneasiness, always want to blood pressure in panic, the losing face? Or not to destroy the childlike innocence? And once too emotional?

Actually life by middle-aged to insipid, quit the job, away from the chaos, away from the danger blackmail political, the relationship of the people also become simple and clear. Not too many conflicts of interest, suddenly feel that everyone is so lovely and kind. Perhaps this Top Enterprise Cloud is only in the middle will feel out of mind.

Middle-aged couples also too lazy to compete, peace is the want of life, people often say that let people step of heaven and earth wide, also only in the middle will have further notice. Middle-aged indifferent to the fame and wealth, indifferent desires, suddenly feel the heavens and the earth so spacious, the sun sets, the brilliant sunshine beautiful spectacular.

Middle-aged, the pressure of life gradually reduce, along with the children to stay away from, the family returned to the "two people" world, in the heart a little lost, the noise of the children, husband and wife fight each other, suddenly feel very want to stay Wine Shop. Always in the silent night two people lying on the bed, memories of the past things, chat once dispute, by now it doesn't matter who to who the are. Talking and laughing how much precipitation in the family, how many grievances memories fade in. Sigh, time is so fast, could enjoy the romance of love, just do the grandma and grandpa.

Today, I quickly into the middle age, also like a quiet, like the sole product of old both tasteful and alive enjoyed my time in boring remember once time, the keyboard, comb, elicits a sigh with emotion, shed his tears in someone else's story, like time travel enjoy tang Song Yu baptism. Like to surf the net, but I do not like to chat, look at the others' articles writing his own mood. Seek leaves in loneliness, in the bustling show enthusiasm. Happiness is very simple, is a kind of mood feeling, when you are indifferent to the pursuit of desire, see the light of money, you will be very happy life.

Middle-aged time rich, with a peaceful state of mind, tastes the flavor of life, in the moonlight clear beautiful summer, with the moon read a quiet, deep light pen light tracing a wisp of acacia, cut a moon fly a seat in the mood. Autumn sunset, hand in hand in love his wife, gentle sunshine, see the sun in the dusk vicissitudes of life, the beautiful sunset light green beauty. Spring to meet the rising sunrise, feeling cool breeze caressing my heart to feel MeiXue through the snow fell in love and passion of the winter, and listen the voice of the snow, ice and snow compatible with warm heart of friendship. In fact, middle-aged life is also colorful. Romance is not only belongs to the young.

Middle-aged today of I, like to travel, like to walk on the great river north and south, feeling more than jiangshan jiao beautiful, majestic mountain, listening to jianghai lake turbulent waves lapping passion, ornamental jiangnan beautiful Bridges, rugged northern plain. Understand the custom amorous feelings of different countries of different nationalities, understand complicated suffering of each period of historical development. To others stay greasy environment and interpret the different contents of life.

Actually, middle-aged is the essence of life, rich experience, truly understand the variety of ways of the world, get a lot of desire of the heart, really understand the connotation of enjoying life, learned to cherish everything, affection, love, friendship is pure and important at this time. Learned to do the husband and the wife's responsibility, learned to do children's filial obligations. Understand the life originally is simple, love is basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle symphony, husband and wife is with leaves cover the eyes to see the beautiful scenery.

Love, hate, resentment, in fact is a wonderful experience, sweet, bitter, spicy is the spice of life. Years is a beautiful picture, the heart to feel, use love to appreciate, with soul to read, you will have different life. Life with a light heart to see the world of mortals misty rain, with a hot heart to embrace life, with a common heart to experience the richness of life, with a grateful heart to repay the raising and helped you, you will feel life is so wonderful.

Willow shore listening flute sound, sunset twilight beauty in barrier. Caught in a quiet, drunk for a period of time.

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