Once withering all people as he built

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Life is very good, it's just we don't, the world is inherently is very brilliant, we just don't enjoy, life can be quickly, but it seems we all don't know how to manage.

Without true temperament, life, world, life will be dull, light like water. There is no temperature, no sweetness.

I use 20 years of age, in return for a heart to understand thinking, I use 20 years of walking, stepping out of the solid imprint tour, I use the twenty years of sweat, adorn the life fulfilling requirements. I want to use my all for the worth having true temperament,

Have been thinking what is eroded a generation of young people, we let it actually has nothing to feel the charm of true temperament, have been thinking what is blinded by our eyes, can be comparable to the aura which were not defiled with true colors how spoken?

New sound to hua xi, the epicenter, skyfire in true temperament, did not have the quality of a nation, and how can standing in the world, don't lost soul, vivit in mud and can't afford to.

With day month, where is ever day? There is a constant night? Of a sudden, and which dynasty? Collapse is dominated by young, there is no net bottles of water, letter of your beauty, no splendid golden basket, carrying the beauty of you, empty city alone, rugged mountain, the river bend, baiyun buckish, only the heart is the home to return to, only true temperament is the end, the end of the immortal, the only can do now is to find true temperament of seeds and root.

Who is on both sides of road unplug the seeds of love? Is bing xin, who is in the state of life of smoke made fisherman's song? Is the tang dynasty, who are in huts to shout out to all those happy face? Is du fu. I am in the ancients, people found this spring, contributed to the root of the true temperament, the smaller the ground, into the sky.

the Great Wall, once he let all the people, the grand canal was dug for him, had built his let foreigners use gunboats door been opened. Ever after, is doomed to be a tragedy, cease to be dead tired home become buried their sin, I use the whip hundreds who Cha imposing manner made him became a strong man in tears, the dream of reaching toward the sky, gradually into reality, life is a dream a dream round,

Such a tree, I use a lifetime under cool, cold, in my dream the whole world, the pursuit of life quality halo, standing in the middle of the history, become a monument.

History this would require the monument, life need true temperament.

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